Review: Thrive Market

I love Thrive Market online. It is like having your own health food store at your fingertips with very reasonable prices. Here is an example of products I've ordered from Thrive, their price, and what I thought of them. For brevity's sake, we'll talk about 5, but I've ordered tons of stuff. Yumbutter Superfood Almond... Continue Reading →

Review: Pretty Litter

If you have cats I cannot wait to introduce you to the following product: Pretty Litter. This is, hands down, the best kitty litter I've come across in my nearly 20 years of being a cat mom. Here are my pros and cons about this magical poopy box staple. PROS: Lightweight // Absolutely no ammonia... Continue Reading →

Review: Ritual Vitamins

Ritual vitamins for women contain 9 essential nutrients: Folate, Omega-3 (vegan micro-algae), Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 (vegan-certified D3 from lichen), Iron, Vitamin K2, Boron, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. I was sold on the small size of the pill and that the bottle comes with a small mint tab that "flavors" the pills. I also was... Continue Reading →

Review: Shein vs. Wish

Who doesn't like cheap, Asian crap! Especially with deals like, "FREE! Just pay shipping!" Anyway, I placed two separate orders with each company. I bought more clothing on Wish and more home decor items on Shein. I did none of my shopping on the App. All of the shopping I did was on a computer.... Continue Reading →

Cats Are What They Eat

Just like the big cats in Sub-Saharan Africa, house cats need a 95% protein diet. This means that both big cats and house cats are "obligate carnivores". Lions don't graze on the Serengeti. The only grains or vegetables they consume come from the bellies of the animals they kill. House cats are no different, yet... Continue Reading →

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