You unwrap others only to possess Owning but absorbing nothing.   You are a soldier making bullets of answers. Brave but strangled by fate.


I lie here my pencil scratching the surface Words unfold quietly across the cloudy paper with fervent urgency . . . I wish you could hear them.   I am injured, yet do not bleed Screaming in silent anguish. My pencil scratches the surface of your mind. Behold the gaping wound.   I've watched others weep.... Continue Reading →

Your Own

Write you own book on the way you think things should be So that I don't have to sit here scrawling  and splashing my soul on these pages.   Paint your own mural complete with impressionistic arrangements of color. For I am weary of cleaning blurred images from the canvas of my life.   Speak... Continue Reading →

The Time Between

He will love Bruce Springsteen and other storyteller musicians and he will tell me this passionately at his sister’s art show And he will drink his coffee black while reading the morning news–moved by the good and never defeated by the bad. He will know the scientific names of plants and herbs, especially the fun,... Continue Reading →

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