Shopping Adventures: Shein and Wish

Who doesn't like cheap, Asian crap! Especially with deals like, "FREE! Just pay shipping!" Anyway, I placed two separate orders with each company. I bought more clothing on Wish and more home decor items on Shein. I did none of my shopping on the App. All of the shopping I did was on a computer.... Continue Reading →

Cats Are What They Eat

Just like the big cats in Sub-Saharan Africa, house cats need a 95% protein diet. This means that both big cats and house cats are "obligate carnivores". Lions don't graze on the Serengeti. The only grains or vegetables they consume come from the bellies of the animals they kill. House cats are no different, yet... Continue Reading →

My Latest Spirit Dream

This dream is nothing spectacular. In fact, the spirit who came through wasn't even human. It was my parent's beloved dog. My parents recently lost their golden retriever, Sadie. My mom took the loss really hard. Sadie was a big part of her daily routine. Over the past few weeks, she cried, was angry, and... Continue Reading →

Incense: Not Just For Hippies Anymore

Incense has been around for centuries. It started out as burning resin or throwing different stuff into a fire pit. Now it can be found in head shops, record stores and dollar stores everywhere. Incense comes in cones, sticks and resin. I prefer to use incense sticks just because that is the most common, easy... Continue Reading →

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