Important Work To Do

This weekend marked a milestone for me. Since 2015, I have been hospitalized for manic and depressive episodes attributed to Bipolar I disorder 1-3 times per year. These hospital stays ranged in length from 5 days to 3 weeks. Once, I ended up in the state hospital for 3 weeks. It has been a LONG... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Like This Week

FabFitFun subscription service. This one is great because you get full size stuff. The summer box came with several of my favorite things: a mandala beach towel, a felt letter board, Grace and Stella Rose Face Spray, & a beautiful, dainty gold star necklace. It's always a treat when the box arrives. "Lucifer" star Tom... Continue Reading →

In The Name of Love

I was just thinking about the one quality that I love in people.  It's a quality that can't be faked.  It's not a sense of humor.  That can be disguised by sarcasm.  It's not a pretty face.  That can be photo shopped.  It's not in the eyes--not everyone will look at you.  It's not loyalty... Continue Reading →

You Have A Choice

When it comes to buying diamonds, you have a choice.  In fact, if you choose not to buy them at all you will be helping fight terrorism, genocide, and war. Seriously.  Don't buy diamonds. Here's why:  "A diamond is worthless if someone had to die to get it." "Diamonds are forever" is an "idea" that has... Continue Reading →

Blood Not Bling

After reading Greg Campbell's book "Blood Diamonds", I cannot just sit by while another Valentine's Day approaches without urging people: DO NOT BUY DIAMONDS unless they are GUARANTEED conflict-free .  In fact, it is probably best NOT TO PURCHASE DIAMONDS AT ALL. Innocent people DIE everyday because of conflict diamonds. I know this is a hard idea... Continue Reading →

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.  Today is my favorite day because of what it represents:  freedom, equality, civil rights, and peaceful, non-violent protest.  It is also a day of celebration.  Today we celebrate the life of a man who devoted his life to social justice and basic human rights for all people. It... Continue Reading →

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