5 Things To Like This Week: Tea

Celestial Seasonings. There are several blends that I love from this company. I think they are my favorite tea makers. Here is a list of the blends I love, Candy Cane Lane, True Blueberry, Lemon Zinger, Mint Magic, Sleepytime, Sleepytime Vanilla, Sleepytime Extra, Sleepytime Throat Tamer, Cinnamon Express Black Tea, & Peppermint Peak Black Tea.... Continue Reading →

My Hair Loss Journey

Starting in 2014, I was hospitalized for severe mania associated with Bipolar I disorder. It was the most stressful time in my entire life--including when I was 25 years-old and first diagnosed with Bipolar. From 2014-2018 I was hospitalized 5 more times for severe symptoms associated with Bipolar disorder. In November of 2017, I started... Continue Reading →

The Long Way Around

  My friends from high school Married their high school boyfriends Moved into houses in the same ZIP codes Where their parents live But I, I could never follow No, I, I could never follow I hit the highway in a pink RV with stars on the ceiling Lived like a gypsy Six strong hands... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Like This Week

Halloween. I've loved this holiday since I was a child. It also doesn't hurt that my birthday is November 1st, so I kinda celebrate on Halloween too. When I was younger it was all about costumes and candy. Then I got older and it was about costumes and partying. It was always fun on Halloween... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Like This Week

ABC News Interviews Demi Moore. This gal's been through a lot. She's also a Scorpio which means when life handed her lemons she lit those bitches on fire and rose out of the ashes. Also, she married a dude 15 years younger. You. Go. Girl. Plus, she wrote a book about it. I'm all over... Continue Reading →

Review: Thrive Market

I love Thrive Market online. It is like having your own health food store at your fingertips with very reasonable prices. Here is an example of products I've ordered from Thrive, their price, and what I thought of them. For brevity's sake, we'll talk about 5, but I've ordered tons of stuff. Yumbutter Superfood Almond... Continue Reading →

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