“The Dragon Queen” by Laurie Cabot

pablo (1)

This story literally gave me the worst nightmare of my life. Enjoy!

The Dragon Queen

“The Red Queen lifted her long train to swing it around her feet. As she stood at the gateway to her Queendom, red-and-gold cape like wings stretched down her back. Her fiery gaze was upon the sky. Dark, misty clouds appeared on the horizon, rolling toward a canopy of pine and oak that fringed the edge of the forest. The golden Sun set behind her, fanning his light against the rounded clouds, giving them color for a few last moments before drinking the ocean’s potion of sleep. Her fingers reached for the air as the North Wind rustled her tresses. The Moon smiled on her glistening robe. Above her, stars twinkled as the misty clouds sailed by, covering the Moon’s light like a black lace curtain blowing to and fro. The Red Queen closed her eyes and dreamed.

Light shattered and split the air. The ground roared. Humans and animals screamed and she could hear the loud padding of their feet and the sound of their scratching hands as they looked for moisture and food. The sky was red-orange. Dust burned as it touched each beam. Large animals ate small animals. Large people ate small animals and people to survive. Half the earth was a wall of ice wind, where the ice people kept the bodies of the dead. They used the hair of the the dead to weave clothes for warmth. And in between the hot, dry and the cold, dry land stood a giant oak tree. The mighty oak spread its roots to look for moisture too. Every animal and being paid homage to this tree by saving body fluids to feed it. Some would spit on the tree’s roots. The tree was their only hope.

The doorway to the Queendom flung open and as the light brightly danced to the morning birds’ call the Red Queen awoke from her dream with a hideous cry. The echo of her screams could be heard around the world, calling out for someone to ease her pain. No one saw her dream until they were in it themselves, but by then it was too late.”


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