5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Dove Dark Chocolate and Peanut Butter & Guinness. I’ve found my favorite chocolate from Dove! The dark chocolate and peanut butter promises go really good with a Guinness. I don’t drink a lot, but I really like this combo.
  2. Megaladon & just Sharks. I’ve been watching a lot of shark videos on youtube lately. I really like the educational ones about ancient giant sharks like Megaladon. I also love corny killer shark movies like Jaws, The Meg, 47 Meters Down Uncaged, The Shallows, and The Reef. I don’t like scary or horror movies, but I love me a good shark movie.
  3. Blossom Scented Cuticle Oil. I bought this at Target and I love it. It has real flowers floating in the oil making it look super unique. I chose the rose scented one and I love it! I use it every day.
  4. Facial Brush (Clio Style w/2 brushes). This face brush was super cheap at Wal-Mart. Like, $7. I’ve been interested in trying a facial brush for some time now, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money if I wasn’t going to use it or not like it. I love it! This brush works well enough but I do think I will try a different one with more brushes soon, but for now it is working really well. My skin is super clear now that I am using this every night. I’ll post an entry about my skin care routine soon.
  5. Anew Clean Illuminating Rich Cleansing Foam. I love how this facial wash smells and that it doesn’t leave my skin dry.
  6. Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream. This product claims that you will see less lines in two weeks and it works! I bought a trial size and I am sold. This cream also does not clog pores and it is lightly scented.


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