5 Things To Like This Week: Holiday Gifts

pablo (3)

  1. Love Your Melon You guys, this is a brilliant gift idea because not only will you be giving a super cute winter item like hats, scarves and mittens, but you will also be supporting childhood cancer research. “Love Your Melon” donates HALF of the purchase price on any item to pediatric cancer research. “ . . .we create therapeutic experiences and fund charitable programming initiatives for children and families battling cancer.” I’m asking for a hat this holiday and I plan on giving one too!
  2. World Wildlife Fund Species Adoptions. OMG these are too cute! You can pick from a ton of animals and you get a plush animal, a photo, an adoption certificate, a species card, and a gift bag. It’s like cabbage patch dolls, but it’s a donation to help protect and save animal species! This would be a great gift for a child or someone who loves animals. Who doesn’t love animals?!!
  3. Etsy Shop MysticTeaTrinkets. Of course I am going to mention my Etsy shop! I’ve prepared a ton of jewelry, vintage items, hand blended tea and much more! Come check it out and receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $35. Plus an additional 10% off with code HOLIDAY2019 when you spend $25. Guaranteed 12/25 delivery if your order is placed by 12/21!
  4. Etsy Shop Qualtry.  This Etsy shop is amazing and they specialize in custom gifts. For Mother’s day last year, I gave my mom a personalized pillow that had all of her grandchildren’s names printed on it. It was perfect! (Note: I bought the personalized pillowCASE on Qualtry. I had to buy the standard throw pillow on Amazon.) Qualtry has everything from personalized cutting boards, hand towels, canvas bags, to mugs. The quality is very good and the price point is not bad either.
  5. Subscription Boxes. I love getting these boxes in the mail. It’s like the gift that just keeps on giving all year long. My favorites are Cat Lady Box, Single Swag, Ipsy, CauseBox, and Stitch Fix. (I advise against FabFitFun simply because they make it very hard to cancel. If you log onto their website, just to get a preview of a box, you are automatically signed up for the box again–even if you’ve cancelled the service. It took me several e-mails to cancel this transaction and they acted like it was my fault. FabFitFun does have great products, but you are paying an arm and a leg for them and god forbid you try to cancel.) These subscription boxes make great gifts and some are under $20 per month!


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