5 Things To Like This Week: Tea

pablo (5)

  1. Celestial Seasonings. There are several blends that I love from this company. I think they are my favorite tea makers. Here is a list of the blends I love, Candy Cane Lane, True Blueberry, Lemon Zinger, Mint Magic, Sleepytime, Sleepytime Vanilla, Sleepytime Extra, Sleepytime Throat Tamer, Cinnamon Express Black Tea, & Peppermint Peak Black Tea. See, I told you I love them!
  2. Big Train Chai. This is, by far, the best company I’ve come across for sweet chai. Perhaps, it’s a bit more of an American blend than the traditional spicy Indian version. It’s sweet and very smooth. Most coffee shops use Big Train and I think it is available in supermarkets too. As a matter of fact, I just found the link on WalMart’s site. So, it’s pretty readily available.
  3. Bigelow. This company is right up there with Celestial Seasonings. Constant Comment is by far their best tea. Their Earl Grey is also top notch. Toasted Coconut is like a dessert you can sip. I also like Bigelow teas because they come in foil package for better transport or gifting.
  4. Lipton Cold Brew. This tea brews by magic. It’s magic. I’m sticking with that. Magic iced tea. All you have to do is add really cold water and it brews perfectly. I love making this is a pint mason jar at my desk in the summer.
  5. The Shabby Witch on Etsy. This woman knows how to make fantastic tea blends. I enjoy a good loose tea and she knows just how to make them delicious and fancy. My two favorite brews are Organic Fidnemed Nighttime Tea Sleep Tea and Organic Dreamer’s Tea, Lucid Dreams. The Nighttime Sleep Tea contains lemon balm, organic hibiscus flowers, organic skullcap, organic passionflower, organic hops flowers, organic Valerian root, and organic Lavender flowers. The hops in this blend are intact and huge! The Valerian helps to relax and induce sleep. Fidnemed is a Gaelic word meaning Sacred Grove. The Lucid Dreams tea is my favorite and it tastes wonderful. This tea contains peppermint leaf, Chamomile flower, gotu kola, mugwort, organic rosemary, organic rose petals and organic stevia. The sweetness from the stevia and the blood pressure lowering gota kola and, of course, the lucid dreaming from the mugwort. Witches are just herbalists in pointy hats! (Just kidding–my witch friends.) Also, please purchase these teas to help support small businesses on Etsy!


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