5 Things To Like This Week: YouTube Edition

pablo (3)

  1. emmymadeinjapan. I love Emmy! She makes cool stuff and describes what she does in great detail. My favorite videos are her Ready Made Rations. She tastes rations from all over the world and even 20-year-old rations! Her voice is very calming too!
  2. Do It On A Dime. This channel is great for dollar store hacks and this girl loves the dollar store! On a side note, I also like going to different dollar stores in different cities. Now, you can find some cool stuff at dollar stores, but there are also duds. This channel helps you organize and decorate by showing the cool stuff.
  3. Cooking With Sros. Sros lives in Thailand and she shares rustic recipes she learned from her mother, family and community. I once saw Sros make a shark stir fry! Her cooking is done over a wood fire, her tools are few, but her techniques and recipes are so exotic and unique. I love watching her before I go to bed because it is so calming. Sros is kinda like the Thailand Food Network!
  4. Michel Janse. I like this girl’s unboxing videos. She much younger than me, so some of her stuff is a little young for me, but I have discovered some new, quality brands through her channel. She also goes thrifting which, of course, I love.
  5. Med Circle. This is, by far, one of the best YouTube channels for mental health interviews and information. It is, perhaps, the most accurate and clinical place on YouTube for descriptions of Narcissists and other personality disorders.


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