Review: Thrive Market

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I love Thrive Market online. It is like having your own health food store at your fingertips with very reasonable prices.

Here is an example of products I’ve ordered from Thrive, their price, and what I thought of them. For brevity’s sake, we’ll talk about 5, but I’ve ordered tons of stuff.

  1. Yumbutter Superfood Almond Butter (6.2 oz pouch) $4.49. At the grocery store, almond butter starts at $10. Thrive’s almond butter is packed with other awesome ingredients like, chia, gogi berries, and hemp hearts. I use this in my overnight oats to add some delicious plant protein.
  2. Lakanto Maple Flavored Sugar-Free Monkfruit Syrup (13 oz bottle) $7.49. This alternative sweetener with monkfruit is wonderful for adding sweetness to oatmeal or pancakes. I use mine for overnight oats.
  3. Annie’s Organic Goddess Dressing (8 fl. oz bottle) $3.79. This is my all time favorite dressing. I asked my local health food store to carry it, but they haven’t really followed through on my request, so I buy it from Thrive. That’s the thing. Thrive has a TON of good, organic, non-GMO products. I love my community health food store, but it just can’t beat this variety.
  4. Thrive Market Organic Dark Chocolate Chips (16 oz pouch) $7.99. I’m going to make some chocolate chip cookies for my work study kids soon–when the mood hits, and I can’t wait to use these. I may have already sampled them to make sure they were okay. You gotta do that. Right?
  5. Thrive Market Organic Coconut Wraps, Turmeric (7-14g wraps). I LOVE these, especially with the turmeric! I’ve been making a nice chicken salad/avocado wrap with these and they are super yummy.

Now, perhaps the #1 reason to shop with Thrive is that they give back to the community. This includes a community that is close to home for me in South Dakota–

Serving the under-served in the Pine Ridge Reservation: We teamed up with the True Sioux Hope Foundation to support families in Pine Ridge Reservation—the poorest region in the U.S., where average life expectancy is just 47 years—by providing one year’s worth of healthy pantry staples from Thrive Market. That’s a semi truck full of organic and non-GMO groceries delivered every year, all powered by the generosity of our membership community.

Check out Thrive Market’s Strength in Numbers. For every full priced membership (It’s only $60 per year. That works out to around $5 per month) Thrive will donate one membership to a family, single mom, or low income student in need. I absolutely love being a part of this company and knowing that my membership fee and my individual donation with each of my orders goes to help give nutritious food to those in need. I remember a time when it was difficult for me to buy healthy groceries and I appreciated anything that helped me.

Use my 25% off your first order discount by signing up HERE. You do not have to pay the membership fee with your first order, PLUS you get FREE SHIPPING + 25% off–AND if you pay the membership fee and DON’T like the service, they will give you your money back! What have you got to lose other than some healthy, yummy food and wellness products!

Again, use my CODE to start saving 25% and helping today!


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