10 Things I Always Keep in My Bag

pablo (1)

  1. Sunglasses. Some people pay a fortune for sunglasses. I do not. I just misplace mine so often that I can’t afford to! They are, however, a staple in my bag–the inexpensive ones.
  2. Gum. Right now, I am really into Ice Breakers Ice Cubes Arctic Grape. My all time favorite gum is Trident’s Minty Sweet Twist. I have that one in my office desk drawer.
  3. One Bar. I love, love, love these One Bars because they taste good, they are low in sugar, and they are high in protein. My favorite flavor is Birthday Cake. I keep one of these stashed in my bag at all times.
  4. Lipstic, Gloss, & Chapstick. I love me some lip gloss. I am currently carrying around “Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick” in Cherry Blossom in my purse. I also love Avon’s Crave Lip Gloss in Cucumber Spritzer and the EOS Lip Balm Tubes (not the spheres) in Vanilla Bean.
  5. Kleenex. You can get a two pack of the purse sized Kleenex at the dollar store. I keep one in my bag and one in my desk. Works great.
  6. Hand Sanitizer. I have to mention the Young Living Theives hand purifier that lives in my bag. Not only does it smell like Christmas, but those essential oils pack a super anti-bacterial punch. I am also a fan of The Honest Co.’s hand sanitizer spray in lavender with aloe. It’s a spray. The Young Living is a tube. I like them both. The Honest Co. lives on my desk.
  7. Compact Mirror. Avon is the best company for their signature, small compact mirrors, but you can find them pretty much anywhere.
  8. Feminine Products. I use a small cosmetic bag with a zipper to carry feminine products. That way they don’t get smashed at the bottom of my bag. I just keep them in my bag all the time, just in case, and also if someone else needs one. I got you girl.
  9. Plastic Flossers. I cannot stand string floss. I have to floss after I eat and these plastic flossers are the best–my dentist would agree.
  10. Stevia Packets. I’ve yet been to a restaurant with stevia instead of splenda, equal, or sweet n’ low. I usually don’t mind drinking my coffee or tea without sweetener, but it’s nice knowing I always have some!


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