5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Dave Chapelle’s new Netflix standup “Sticks and Stones”. This one had me dying, crying, and cackling out loud. I bet my neighbors love me. I’ve always been a fan of Dave’s–going way back to his Comedy Central show, “The Chapelle Show”. The thing I love most about Dave is he is really all heart. He’ll cut ya down and talk shit, but the dude is really a sensitive soul underneath it all. He is truly a treasure and a hell of a comedian.
  2. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged Movie. I went and saw this one in the luxury!!! seating theater. So it was in Dolby surround sound and I could lean all the way back in my recliner. The movie was so silly, but it was great. The premise was simple: Basically, a bunch of basic girls who go cave diving with super hungry great white sharks. When asked, the sharks said the girls tasted like pumpkin spice lattes and spray tan. Rent it and turn the volume up.
  3. Thrive Market. I love this website. It’s like the Costco of health food stores. You do have to pay a membership fee (but not on your first order) which ends up being around $4 per month. I ordered Lakanto Drinking Chocolate which is sweetened by monk fruit, almond butter for $4, stress relief oils for Bella, and extra virgin olive oil. I usually go to out local health food store, but sometimes it is hard to pay more, even if I am supporting local. If you are interested in Thrive, you can get 25% off your order by following this link: http://thrv.me/HaGAZ7.
  4. Pick Up Limes Youtube Channel. This is a wonderful, relaxing, and informative YouTube channel. Sadia always gives great pointers on how to add healthy tricks into your daily cooking and life. The channel pairs with the blog that contains a ton of awesome recipes and ideas. I watch a lot of YouTube and this one is def in my top 5.
  5. SimpleHealth.com. Do you use birth control? Do you hate going and picking it up at the pharmacy? Well, SimpleHealth.com has your back! Go to the website, fill out your info, you can have insurance or not, and get your birth control delivered to your door in no time. Get it? Got it? Good ladies. (This is not a replacement for regular gynecological visits. You still gotta get those.)


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