“Things Said and Done” by Ann Packer // “Eyewall” by Lauren Groff

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“Things Said and Done” by Ann Packer and “Eyewall” by Lauren Groff were included in the short story collection, “The Pen/O’Henry Prize Stories”: The Best Stories of the Year 2012″. Edited by Laura Furman.

“Things Said and Done” by Ann Packer

“He will fall ill someday, whether he’s ill now or not, and someday he will be gone. I have imagined the time after, with it’s cavern of sadness, and I know that even his most irritating foibles will acquire, in recollection, a kind of charm, and that grief will have its way with me again and again.”

“Eyewall” by Lauren Groff

“I listened to the shifting of the world outside. This is either the eye or we’ve made it through, I said. Well, he said. There will always be another storm, you know.”

I would highly reccomend any of the Pen/O’Henry Prize stories. I checked amazon and there are only 2 and they are almost $50. That means you gotta go to your local library to read them! Remember if your library does not have them, you can interlibrary loan them!


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