5 Things To Like This Week


  1. FabFitFun subscription service. This one is great because you get full size stuff. The summer box came with several of my favorite things: a mandala beach towel, a felt letter board, Grace and Stella Rose Face Spray, & a beautiful, dainty gold star necklace. It’s always a treat when the box arrives.
  2. Lucifer” star Tom Ellis & Season 4. Normally, a dude like Tom Ellis is not my type: thin, tall, English, and rockin’ designer suits, but oh mamma how times have changed. Think bad boy with his shit together . . . and the ruler of hell. Whaaaat?! Yeah, so there’s that.
  3. 4ocean.com. When I saw what this company is doing to clean up the ocean, I cried a little. We need more of this. Lots more. You can purchase your very own 4ocean bracelet that will remove one pound of litter from our oceans and shoreline HERE. The bracelets are made from post-consumer recycled materials, hand assembled on the island of Bali, and supports the global 4ocean movement.
  4. “There’s More to Life Than This” by Theresa Caputo. I’m reading this book right now and loving it. It’s answered some of my big questions and Caputo made me feel at ease with her descriptions of the afterlife, Spirit, God, and what she does. Sometimes the right book comes along at just the right time–the right chapter, even! It’s a really good read and I would highly recommend it if you are into that sort of thing. If not, just move along!
  5. “Believe” essential oil blend by Young Living. I’m real into essential oils right now. In the coming months, I plan on expanding my business to include them. “Believe” is a mix of (Balsam Canada) needle oil, (Coriander) seed oil, (Furocoumarin-free bergamot) peel oil, (Frankincense) oil, (Idaho Blue spruce) branch/leaf/wood oil, (Ylang ylang) flower oil, and (Geranium) flower oil. It smells like Ancient Egypt or the Nativity. I love it.


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