5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Thread Up. This is an online thrift store that is amazing. I’ve been ordering gently used clothing and been very happy with the really high quality items. Jeans, tops with the tags, kids clothes for my nieces and nephews, and even boots. I would highly recommend it. The shipping is fast and returns are quick and easy. Use this referral LINK  for $10 off your purchase.
  2. Brene Brown’s Netflix special: The Call to Courage. The part where she talks about joy being one of the hardest emotions to feel in terms of vulnerability really hit home for me. Sometimes when I experience the best times, especially with my family, I do catch myself fearing the other shoe is going to drop or some tragedy will occur and snatch that joy away. I’ve had to really work and teach myself to lean into joy and not rehearse tragedy. It is now a reminder to be grateful. I start thinking like that and then I start listing 3 things I am grateful for. Works every damn time: case in point–these blog entries.
  3. Zappos New Orleans Style Cajin Dill Gator-Tators. How cool are things from New Orleans Cajun flavored anything?! Then you add dill and it’s just a flavor explosion. So you got the cool dill, right? But then they kick it up with some mild Cajun spices and kettle chips. I found these in a gas station in Wyoming. I’ll include a link to buy them online if ya want to. Plus, gator tators . . .huh, huh. That’s adorable.
  4. Sun Basket. I really liked this meal delivery service. I ordered 3 meals: Fresh spaghetti with pancetta-tomato sauce and arugula salad, Spicy mojo-marinated steak fajitas with guacamole and salsa, and New Orleans po’ boys with cornmeal-crusted tofu and apple slaw. All three of these meals were delicious, more than enough for two people, and really fresh. I think this is a really cool thing to plan if you are having company, a date, or just want a break from grocery shopping. Okay, here is a code for $40 OFF your first order! You’re gonna love it and when you get $40 so do I!!
  5. Magnetic Jewelry Clasps. I have acrylic nails and clasping dainty necklaces without help was a bit of a problem, but I found a solution on Amazon. So, you get these magnetic clasps and all you have to do is unclasp the lobster clasp on them and attach them to the necklace. Uh. Game changer!!


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