5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (10)

  1. The 2000’s on Netflix. Holy popular culture and politics from my 20’s! I get pretty riled up over the politics. I mean, people, you think the Cheetoh we have in office now is bad? Do you not remember/weren’t old enough to remember GEORGE W. (fu*king) BUSH???!!! How about the most meaningless war the US EVER fought? And, get this, if you protested said war, you were deemed unpatriotic. This is why nothing in current politics surprises me. I lived through 9/11 in real-time. I saw Barack Obama live on the campaign trail in Bozeman, MT and cried. He was a politician promising hope and not war in the Middle East! I waited in anticipation on Sunday nights for The Sopranos, and Deadwood. So, the 2000’s on Netflix is really great and it reminds me of how far we, and I, have come.
  2. I am a big Shameless fan. That show has me genuinely cracking up. My favorite characters are Kevin, Lip, and Frank. My least favorite is Fiona. Kevin is just so adorable for this huge, sweet guy–considering he grew up in foster care on Chicago’s South side. Lip is just too handsome for words and has a big heart. Frank is a hot mess, but he is actually a genius and you never feel too bad for him when instant karma hits him every damn time. Fiona. Ugh. Fiona. Ya, ya I get it. She took care of 6 kids. She’s selfless. But is she? Sometimes I think people like playing the martyr–Fiona’s no exception. I’m pretty sure the last episode ever is next Sunday. Bummed, but it is a good show to binge if you are looking for a new show!
  3. My snuggly cat Stella will sit on my lap (Bella wants nothing to do with me) when it is -20 outside. This is the only upside I can come to about it being -20 outside. Bring on Spring, please!
  4. Here’s to Celebrating Women in Music. Stevie Nicks is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the second time in her career. She is the only woman to ever do so. There is a great article about this in the March 2019 issue of Rolling Stone. Rock on Gold Dust Woman.
  5. I spent nearly all weekend taking pictures and listing 20+ new items for the Etsy shop. Tons of vintage jewelry and vintage boho decor. There might be something over there that you want. Check it out here——>MysticTeaTrinkets.etsy.com


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