5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (8)

  1. Big Little Lies. It’s like “Mean Girls” meets “The OC” with children. Plus, there’s a ton of TEA. (When did “spilling tea” become a “thing”? It’s kinda annoying, but whatever. I need to embrace the younger generation.) Anyway, the show is addicting. Here are a few things I liked about it: Adam Scott as Ed Mackenzie (his solo nearly made me cry), Nicole Kidman (I get it, but I would’ve murdered him), and the impressive drone shots of the California coast.
  2. The Penny Hoarder. This is a great website if you are trying to manage your money. For me, financial articles are so boring and reading them is a little like pulling teeth, but this website does a good job of keeping me interested. Plus, most of the stuff they offer is not sponsored, so it’s legit.
  3. Acorns. Speaking of budgets, I will learn to invest smart. I write about things. Investing is the last thing on my brain. However, Acorns is an amazing, new app that allows you to invest your spare change. Then when that change adds up to $5, Acorns does the rest. Plus, what a cute little name right?: “Acorns”–kinda less intimidating than, say, Merrill Lynch.
  4. Perrier Lime. Do you want some sparkling water that tastes like Fruit Loops? Then getcha some of this stuff! It’s so good!
  5. Russian Doll on Netflix. Timeline shifting, metaphysics, code breaking, NYC, Natasha Lyonne (The girl, Nadia says, “looked like if the girl from Brave and Andrew Dice Clay had a baby”) and love? Netflix is hitting out of the park with this one.


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