5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (1)

  1. What We Do In The Shadows (2014). Omg this movie had me laughing so hard. It’s about 4 flatmates that just happen to be vampires. “Vampires don’t do dishes.” There’s even a chore chart, werewolves, and something called the “unholy masquerade” where vampires, werewolves, zombies and other “unholy” creatures get together to dance and socialize. It got a 98% rating from rotten tomatoes. I highly suggest it. I honestly think it might be one of my favorite movies. (It is not scary at all.) Oh, and if you liked “Flight of the Concords”, which I did, you’ll probably like this movie because those guys created it. I’ll leave you with this, “BAT FIIIIIIGHT!!!”
  2. You guys, ASMR!!! I love this girl’s youtube April.ASMR and her Instagram . For those of you not familiar with it, ASMR is basically mouth sounds of people eating things like sushi or candy. To me, it’s totally relaxing, but maybe not for others. It’s really popular right now.
  3. “Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay” @makesureyourfriendsareokay and makesureyourfriendsareokay.com “We’re starting a conversation about conversation – building a community that encourages you to have meaningful discussions with people you care about.” I love this idea because it encourages people to start that hard conversation that might save a life. Sometimes, when you are depressed it is hard to reach out. I really like the idea behind this campaign. The people that started it are about ten years younger than I am and that gives me hope that someday (sooner than we think) the stigma associated with mental illness will be gone. I mean, these young people are putting this slogan on tees and sweatshirts! I just really like this idea and will totally support and promote it when I can.
  4. Assorted Chocolates Holiday Standup Box, 6.4 oz. box. Yum. 4 different flavors: coconut and dark chocolate, caramel and milk chocolate, pecan with caramel and milk chocolate, and mint with dark chocolate. They are individually wrapped and delish! I like to treat myself to stuff like this as part of my self care.
  5. “Milk and Honey” poetry by Rupi Kaur. Kaur has another book, the “sun and her flowers”, that I plan to read next. I love short verse. I love poems about the human condition–love, lust, loss . . . life. I plan on sharing a few of these poems when I finish the book. They are so beautiful.


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