5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Schitt$ Creek on Netflix. This show is adorable. It’s about a wealthy family that loses their finances due to poor investing and are forced to move to the tiny town of Schitts Creek. It’s hilarious seeing the two “cultures” meet.
  2. Toasted Coconut Bigelow Tea. This tea was gifted to me, but in my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with Bigelow–they make great, flavorful tea. This one really did taste like a coconut macaroon. Get some!
  3. Youtuber “Brandi TV who basically gets high off edibles and paints her face. She often recruits her husband in the videos and the two of them together are hilarious. He is so calm and chill and Brandi is bubbly and laughs at everything. This channel cracks me up. If you haven’t seen her before, you might want to check it out!
  4. Poshmark. Oh another clothing, accessory and shoe store app! This one is interesting and inexpensive. I haven’t ordered from the site yet, but the person who told me about it raves about the prices and the fact that you don’t pay for your item until you receive it. I am also thinking about selling on the app myself. I’ll keep you posted.
  5. “Destination Wedding” on Amazon Prime starring Wynona Rider and Keanu Reeves. This one is a classic romantic comedy starring two emotionally unavailable people who meet, fight, and well . . . watch it and see. Spoiler: There is a cameo by a mountain lion.


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