5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (5)

  1. Sunscreen. Hi. Skin cancer is no joke. Wear sunscreen on the daily, kay? Kay.
  2. You are loved. Suicide is also no joke. Know that you are truly loved. Call 1-800-273-8255 or text “TALK” to 741-741. I understand how hard it is to reach out too. I, myself, am a suicide survivor. You are not thinking about making a phone call. Survivors, advocates, allies CONTACT your friends who may be susceptible/sensitive and see how they are doing. Help them make the call. Go with your gut.
  3. Blue Sky Stevia Diet Root Beer. Grabbed a 6 pack of this in Montana. I wish they sold it in my town. I might ask my local grocer to stock it. You know you can always ask your grocery store and most of the time they will stock it or you.
  4. You’ve really gotta watch “Dina” (2017) currently being offered on Hulu. It is a rare gem documenting two people with Aspergers and other disabilities and their love, marriage and day-to-day life. You guys, this one will have you laughing, crying and literally beaming with happiness at this very real love between two very real and beautiful people. I believe this was also a Sundance Film Festival film. Anyway, it really is a must see.
  5. Harlots on Hulu. Whoo hoo this show is inappropriate!!! But I LOVED it! It was like a soap opera with the coolest costumes and, well, high society, London, 17th century prostitutes. What? What! It was a guilty pleasure, indeed!


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