5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Honest Tea Organic Peach Oo-la-long. Oh do I love me a good oolong and Honest Tea makes a great one!
  2. “Shut Eye” on Hulu. If you thought psychics were con artists before, you’ll be totally convinced when you watch this show. (I do feel that the majority of them ARE con-artists and the other small percentage usually won’t charge you.) That’s just me tho and I read Tarot–guess you’ll just have to trust me. Anyway, I’m on the fence right now about whether I want to continue doing readings . . . But that’s a whole other blog entry.
  3. Chandrika Sandal Soap. This soap smells amazing and it makes your bathroom smell amazing. It is also gentle on your skin. I know, because I have very sensitive skin and I can still use it. Plus, I’m pretty sure it is vegan because it is “free from animal fat”. You can get these on Amazon for $5. I used to buy them from the natural market in a supermarket up in Bozeman, MT. When I was there recently, I bought 5 bars ’cause they were $1.25 plus no sales tax! What? What! I bought enough that I was able to gift one too.
  4. Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B “Girls Like You. SO MANY amazing things happening in this video! Have you seen this yet? Adam’s voice, Cardi B, and that DIVEST: WATER IS LIFE shirt<—-That’s protesting pipelines that run under major water sources or AT ALL, yo. Turn it up! Goosbumps!!
  5. Iced Tea Remixes. Lately I’ve been mixing my herbal teas with my cold brew Lipton to make some delicious flavors. I grab two Celestial Seasonings Peach bags and mix them with one Lipton cold brew in my mason jar. Or one blueberry and one lemon or Magic Mint. The possibilities are endless, really!


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