5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (3)

  1. Sugar Free Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Gum. I am trying really hard to eat clean lately. This is very hard for me because I love “dirty” things like pizza, bagels, and chicken nuggets, and CAAAAAARBS. Candy is pretty much off limits for me too. I’m not sure if this gum is necessarily “clean” but I love it and it is a small cheat, I guess. Huh, huh, I said I love dirty things. (Ignore that Mom.)
  2. Water, water, water, blah blah blah. I like water. I have to drink a ton of water. When you get old like me it becomes important to hydrate to keep your skin clear, your system running well, and your trips to the bathroom plentiful.
  3. Runa Amazon Guayusa Tea (Unsweetened Mint Honeysuckle). This stuff gives you a weird kinda tea buzz. Like, it’s not coffee but it’s stronger than tea. It tastes delicious though with the mint and honeysuckle.
  4. Cardi B “Be Careful” Music Video. OMG I LOVE THIS WOMAN and I am still working out to her album “Invasion of Privacy”. This song with this new video is actually my favorite lately. Oh dear . . .
    • The karma for you is gonna be who you end up with. You make me sick . . .
    • You even got me trippin’. You got me lookin’ in the mirror different. Thinkin’ I’M FLAWED because YOU inconsistent.”
  5. THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!! If you follow me on social media, um, you might know that I am a little obsessed. I even had a royal wedding slumber party with my mom and then she got me up at 4:30 a.m. I’m glad she did because we got to see everyone arriving. I was that pumped about it! I DO NOT get up at 4:30 for, um, nothing!

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