5 Boho Jewelry Finds For Festival Season

pablo (1)

Bangles and Beads. Adorn your wrists with hammered silver or tarnished bronze bangles and cuffs. They sound like a Moroccan bazaar when you move to the beat. Layer them with a few mala bead bracelets and you’ll be dancing toward Nirvana.

pablo (2)

Vintage Silver and Bronze. Necklaces and dangle earrings look their best in the sunset light in shades of vintage silver and bronze. You can be sure to sway your way all the way from Coachella to Burning man with these well worn standbys.

pablo (4)

Hippie Love Beads. They’re back, man and they are groooovy. Layer a couple strands with a thin silver or gold chain for an updated look on a vintage piece. Plus, the colors go with anything.

pablo (3)

Feathers and Fun. Braid a few feathers in your hair or wear them on a long necklace. Feel light and breezy wearing a pair of silver feather earrings as you make your way to the front of the crowd.

pablo (5)

Crystal Visions. Stevie saw the crystal visions and now we are seeing them too–all over our festival jewelry. From clear quartz points to amethyst chunks, crystals are having a party in the jewelry aisle. You can even find a few druzy geodes to sparkle under the stage lights.

I offer all of these boho jewelry options and MORE on my Etsy shop MysticTeaTrinkets.etsy.com!


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