5 Things To Like This Week: Instagram Accounts


This week I’m a bit more focused in liking things! This week I’m sharing my top 5 Instagram accounts. Instagram is my new favorite “thing” for both my personal account @nikole.lynn.sd and my business page @mystic.tea.trinkets !! <—–Pssst! You should follow them too!

  1. @jinti_fell This is the sweetest account devoted to a small family who started out living in a van and are now residing in Bali. They are vegan. They are lovely. And they have the most beautiful daughter. Not to mention some of the most beautiful drone footage and photography on Instagram (and Youtube–I actually found out about them through Youtube.) It is so relaxing to watch this family and their journey.
  2. @thetrapwitch Sometimes you need to hear the truth. Sometimes you need your spiritual adviser to be a bit more blunt than a “spirit junkie” or a Rumi quote. Enter “The Trap Witch”. (What is a trap witch? Just urban dictionary “trap”. I’m not going into it here.) Tatiana gives daily readings in her IG stories that are spot on. She also offers readings through her website www.thetrapwitch.com. I enjoy following this talented woman who is definitely going places.
  3. @gypsyon__ Hanna and Pablo are g-e-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Some seriously pretty people here. I am in awe of Hanna’s acro yoga ability. It is amazing to see someone bend like that! You can tell that kind of talent comes from tons of practice, practice, practice. They also promote the clothing they wear and teach acro yoga classes all over the globe for a living. This Instagram is also part of their income stream. Smarties too!
  4. @blackhillshounds This Instagram page is run by my friend Ashley with her four dogs! They are so cute! I am not a huge dog person, but this Instagram makes me rethink that! Ashley also makes homemade dog food for one of her dogs that has a food allergy. Plus, this page will donate dog food! Use code “blackhillshounds” for 15% off, 4lbs donated each sale!
  5. @brockohurn This is the “man bun” guy. Brock is easy on the eyes and ears and brain and  . . . He’s very handsome (and sings country music into his phone in his truck) and he seems like he would be a genuinely nice dude. I’d give that a follow.


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