5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Sneaky Pete. I wrote about this show during the first season and now the second season is out on Amazon Prime. Think Oceans 11 on a small town scale. Who doesn’t enjoy a good heist show?
  2. Greta Van Fleet. Do you like Led Zeppelin? Well then your gonna have a whole lotta love for Michigan’s Greta Van Fleet. Lead singer Josh sounds exactly like Robert Plant. When I first heard them on the radio (because yes, I still listen to the radio) I was like, “Could this be a Zeppelin song I haven’t heard? What is going on with my life?!!” Then I used my trusty Shazam app (that listens to a song and tells me the title and artist literally at the tap of a finger) and it pulled up these guys. I’d say we need to be on the lookout for more sick jams from these guys in the future. (Yes, I said, “sick jams”.)
  3. Ipsy. This is a monthly subscription service that sends their products in a cute make-up bag instead of a box subscription like Birchbox. It is a bit more personalized too. For example, I prefer not to get hair products because I am loyal to my brand (Monat) and so they don’t send me hair products.
  4. Pint Mason Jars. I am drinking water like a mad woman and having a glass pint jar to drink it is lovely. I am not a hipster or a hillbilly. I just love pint mason jars. I think I am gonna bring one to work too.
  5. Chocolove Almonds & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate. I love these chocolate bars because they come in tiny 1.3oz bars that are perfect for my office drawer or my freezer at home. I always put my chocolate in the freezer so that it melts slower!


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