5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (3)

  1. Van Life on Youtube. You guys, you really have to check this out on Youtube. This is the chronicle of a small family living in their van in Australia. I LOVE IT! The child Aya is beautiful and the mother is so calm and the father . . . I have a bit of a crush on the father actually! I have a feeling if you watch one episode you’ll be hooked. It’s adorable.
  2. Homeland. This show is on fire in my living room! You have CIA agent Carrie who has bipolar. Saul her mentor and fellow CIA agent. Brody the creeptastic marine POW turned terrorist. This show really keeps you guessing and I really like how you are along for the ride just as much as the characters. Like sometimes you will know more than the CIA and then other times you are in the dark. I just finished season 1 and this show is on season 8, so I have tons more to watch. It’s on Showtime, btw.
  3. Windshield Snow Cover. When you live in a climate where 2-3″ of snow overnight is commonplace and you don’t have a garage, this windshield snow cover comes in handy. All I do is put it in place and I don’t have to scrape at all the next morning. It’s genius and it was only $14 on Amazon.
  4. Heated Blanket. My mom gave me a heated blanket last year for Christmas. I would say this is a very good gift and/or little investment. Be careful tho, it seems every time I snuggle under that thing I get a cat on the lap and I fall asleep.
  5. Snow. Just like we need the sunshine in the summer, we need the snow in winter. The snow is where our waterfalls and rivers full of fresh water come from in the spring and summer months. My town received over 12″ of snow this past week. Although this is a pain, it is actually quite a good thing.


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