5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Saint Motel. This Los Angeles based band plays quite a bit on my Pandora and I love them. Their indie rock at it’s finest. Check out this version of “My Type” with the one and only Sam Rockwell dancing and try not to tap your toe. (I also like Sam Rockwell).
  2. Petey’s Bing Raz Natural Energy Drink. This drink is good because it doesn’t have taurine in it. It does have 100mg of caffeine tho, so there’s that. It tastes like raspberry and cherry juice. It also won’t remind you of that time you thought downing 6 redbull vodkas was a good idea . . . so there’s THAT.
  3. New Season of Shameless on Showtime. O.M.G. This show is like crack. I love it because each character has their own story. I love it because there is always some drama. It’s entertaining as hell and it cracks me up. It’s not for the faint of heart. I mean it’s about a dysfunctional family from the south side of Chicago. It ain’t gonna be all fucking roses and unicorns, but neither are you, right?
  4. Ipsy. This is a monthly subscription company that sends you a bag full of cosmetic samples. This month I received eyeliner, highlighter, eye shadow, a facial scrub and a clay facial mask. I used to get Birchbox and I liked their service, but I wanted to try another company that allows for a little more customization and Ipsy does just this. I would rather have cosmetics than hair care products. With Ipsy, you can customize this. If you would like to join this monthly subscription program CLICK HERE so I get a little kick-back and you get some discounts!
  5.  Sleeping In/Naps. I don’t know if it is the time of year, or how comfy my bed is, but I can sleep in real good. It’s not depression or anything–I mean, I can get out of bed. I just like to sleep. I’d make a good bear. Bears are really good at sleeping in. Raaaaawr!


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