5 Things To Like This Week


  1. Tom Segura on Pandora. So I listened to some stand up this week while working on orders for my Etsy shop. Tom freaking cracked me up. Seriously, the one about when he met Mike Tyson had me crying. It was hard to concentrate because it was just too funny.
  2. Fresh Steamed Meal in a Pouch. My grocery store has been doing this thing lately where they offer salmon and shrimp with veggies and garlic and spices mixed together in a brown paper pouch. You then cook the pouch in your oven. It’s great. It’s the perfect size and it’s super easy.
  3. Slime Videos on Instagram!!! I love the tactile sounds they make and how they feel. The flwocks, the pops, the thwacks, and crunches of slime being manipulated in a one minute video. Guilty pleasure 101. Anyway, who would’ve thought that slime would be such as big thing. I even ordered some of my own from Etsy shop: Northwest Slimes. Ya. I do realize I’m a big kid.
  4. Catbird Online Retailer. I do really like to only promote Etsy shops and local shops, but this one is too great to pass up. Catbird even has a candle called “Tarot Deck”! I especially like their “Home and Gifts” section. Hold on tho. Some of the stuff is nutzo expensive, but then they have a little chocolate box for $8.50 or a small ring dish for $11. Silly catbird store.
  5. Florida Water. Florida water is something I recently started using for my cleansing routine-my aura cleansing routine. I have yet to purchase a bottle, but I have a bar of soap made with it and it works so wonderfully and it smells divine. Rumor has it, you can add it to your floor wash, your laundry, and your bathwater to cleanse and protect you! I might see if I can find a way to add this handy product in my products over on Etsy.


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