5 Things To Like This Week


  1. History of the Eagles on Netflix. I listened to a few documentaries this past week while I was working on the Etsy shop. The first was about the famous writer Joan Didion. It was good, but the Eagles Doc was better. I just love hearing all the band drama and gossip. I also love hearing how songs were created and about the creative process in general. I also have to completely disagree with “the dude” on this one. The Eagles don’t suck.
  2. My birthday was this week. As I celebrated my 37th year, I was reminded how awesome my friends and family are. I heard from so many people online, on the phone and in person. It really was a special day. Then my mom and I made a special trip to have lunch (I had the best crab ever!) and to pick up an antique rod iron bed frame I purchased as a birthday present for myself. It really was a great birthday this year and I am so thankful for the people in my life.
  3. Sun Dried Apricots. I like them when they are a little chewy and not gooey. Sometimes you can get them at the store and they are too gooey. I get them from a bin at the natural health store and they are just right for bringing to the office and snacking on.
  4. Hearing Geese Overhead. You don’t need your phone/the television to tell you winter is coming. You can hear it overhead. I love to hear the geese calling overhead. Then when you look up, you can’t see them, or you can and you catch a glimpse of them in V formation floating across the sky.
  5. Chris Stapleton. So this guy has written a ton of country songs for other artists, but I am really into his stuff right now. He also paired with Justin Timberlake on a song. He has that classic southern rock/country sound I like so much.


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