5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (7)

  1. @gypsyon_ Instagram Account. I’m in love with watching these two do acroyoga. These two, a woman and her boyfriend are mesmerizing and you really get a sense of their connection both on and off the yoga mat. It’s also really neat to see how the human body can move like that!
  2. Barefoot in the Park. I rarely watch classic movies, but my mom does and she had this one on the last time I was at the house. Jane Fonda and Robert Redford perfectly play two adorable newlyweds. This flick is a great romantic comedy that’s still relevant over 40 years later.
  3. Jiffy Pop stove top popcorn. This is the kind of popcorn that you put on the stove, shake and the aluminum foil top expands out. It’s awesome popcorn too. I bought some for myself when I was preparing to binge watch “Stranger Things”. Delish.
  4. Watermelon Sorbet from Cherry Berry. Seriously, who doesn’t love frozen yogurt places where you can add your own toppings and then get bent over when you have to pay by weight. No, but really, our Cherry Berry has a watermelon sorbet that is out of this world.
  5. HALLOWEEN!! I couldn’t think of anything more than this! Halloween is almost here!


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