5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (6)

  1. Doterra Essential Oil Diffuser. My mom gave me a diffuser and lavender and I loooove it. I use it most nights when I remember to do it.
  2. Sun Touch Plus Light Box. My mom likes to give presents. Lucky me! LOL. Anyway, she gave me a light box and I really like it. I set the timer and turn on the Ion switch when I am creating the beaded necklaces for my shop or putting together orders. I’m thinking it will come in handy this winter.
  3. Sleeping With Other People on Netflix. Jason Sudeikis is brilliant and he is hilarious in this movie. I was laughing so loud at several parts I bet my neighbors were wondering what was up. What? Plus, I kinda have a crush on him now. What?
  4. Prepping. On Sunday nights I prep lots of things. Here’s why: #1 I am not a morning person, so I need things to go smoothly in the a.m. and #2 If I don’t prep I make terrible food choices, wardrobe malfunctions, and I don’t go work out. So that’s what I do, I prep some meals (not all–good god), my outfits (and accessories), and I pack my gym bag for the entire week. I’m sure this is not a new tip to anyone, but it really works for me.
  5. Get the Lead Out featuring The Black Crowes and Jimmy Page. Um. Oh my god. I just caught this show and it is definitely on my list of things to LIKE this week. My two favorite bands smooshed together into one live program and I don’t have to go to a crowded bar to see them? YESSSSS. It was recorded back in 2000 and I’ve heard bits and pieces of it on my Pandora, but this compilation was great.


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