My Latest Spirit Dream

pablo (2)

This dream is nothing spectacular. In fact, the spirit who came through wasn’t even human. It was my parent’s beloved dog.

My parents recently lost their golden retriever, Sadie. My mom took the loss really hard. Sadie was a big part of her daily routine. Over the past few weeks, she cried, was angry, and regretted the final decision to put Sadie to sleep. I listened and consoled the best I could.

I know why Sadie picked me to deliver her special message too. Earlier this summer, I got sick and had to spend two weeks at my parents house. Wherever I went during those two weeks, Sadie followed. If I was on the couch, she was on the floor next to me. If I was in bed she was sleeping at the foot of it. She was such a sweet girl. She was very old. She was smelly, skinny, and her fur was dull and patchy, but I loved her anyway.

About three weeks after Sadie died, I had a very clear dream. In this dream Sadie was plump and her fur was shining. She looked like she did when she was in the prime of her life. She also had a beautiful aura of light around her. She let me pet her for a second, and then she moved toward my Mom.

In the dream, Mom couldn’t see Sadie and she kept saying, “I can’t see her”. I had to direct her hands to Sadies’s fur so she could pet her. Mom was in, what I call, the grief veil. The grief veil simply means you are still grieving and not ready to be open to signs from spirit.

After leaving my mom, Sadie walked over to my dad. Like me, he could see her. He rubbed behind her ears and talked to her. She stood there, tail wagging, shining and enjoying the attention.

Then I woke up.

I am certain that Spirit gave me this special dream. My mom, who is a very grounded person, says it’s because, “You must’ve been thinking about Sadie”. I just laugh because I know that’s not why. I’m so honored that Sadie chose me to show my parents (even if they are skeptical) that she is not sick anymore, they did the right thing (Mom), and to tell them goodbye.


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