5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (3)

  1. Lushtoomuch in Instagram. Lush is a bath and body company that make the coolest products. Lushtoomuch is an Instagram account that basically cuts up bath bombs on a cutting board. It sounds weird, but it is so satisfying. I cannot get enough.
  2. Sweetgrass. Sweetgrass is just what it sounds like: sweet smelling grass. It is found on the western plains and is used primarily by native Americans. I was gifted a braid and I just love the honey sweet aroma.
  3. Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bars. I like it when my power bars taste like candy bars. This one does that.
  4. Magnum Ice Cream Bars. Treat yourself with one of these. For real. They are pricey, but they are worth it.
  5. Mr. Right movie. I just finished watching this movie and it was soooo cute. There was a lot of matrix moves and gun fights (for the dudes) and adorbs romantic stuff too. It’s basically about a hit-man and an awkward gal and gun fights.


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