5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (2)

  1. Monarch Butterfly Fall Migration. (It might have been painted lady butterflies and not Monarchs–I’m not sure. But whichever one it was, it was cool.) This week I noticed something as I was walking into work. Along the way about 10 butterflies fluttered past me. It turns out, butterflies migrate and have been doing this since butterflies were invented. Also, people tag butterflies in their spare time for science! You can tag a butterfly?!! I thought this was done using some sort of MAGIC (not science). . . not so! They just have these little stickers that they put on the butterfly wing and it doesn’t bother them at all. Check it out!! http://texasbutterflyranch.com/…/butterfly-faq-how-to…/
  2. Lemonade by G. Love. This is one of my favorite albums and I just happened upon it again this week. It’s from 2006, but even though it’s older, it’s worth a listen.
  3. Bobo’s Coconut Oat Bar. It’s gluten free. It’s vegan and it’s non-GMO. It tastes great. They are a little spendy, but they are worth a try. I found mine on the very bottom shelf in the granola bar aisle of my local grocery store.
  4. Crystal Light Raspeberry Lemonade. I love this stuff because it is caffeine free and it tastes delicious!
  5. TrueYouHealing on Instagram. I love, love, love these spirituality based meme accounts. They crack me up and remind me not to be so serious all the time.


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