I Broke-Up With Veganism


Look at this! I can’t resist! Looooooook!

First of all, I tried. I really tried. It was me, not you–veganism.

I threw away all my non-vegan staples. I started to build my recipes and pantry. I thought I could do it. Then it hit: the taco craving.

Vegan tacos just wouldn’t cut it.

I caved.

After the taco massacre, I started questioning the real reason why I was going vegan. Was it for animal rights? Not really. My primary motivation was stomach issues and eating healthier. That being said, I really respect anyone who makes such a drastic lifestyle choice based on their values. I just need more flexibility.

However, I learned to be super mindful about what I put in my body. I look closely at labels now. I buy more locally sourced produce. Plus, I can still protest factory farming, dairy farms, and animal cruelty in other ways e.g., monetary donations, purchasing cruelty-free products, and even eating vegetarian most days of the week.

Yet, I just can’t quit you . . . tacos.


2 thoughts on “I Broke-Up With Veganism

  1. lapeanutcroquante says:

    This is funny! We all have our reasons to be vegan. I know a good taco can do the break up… thanks for challenging me to work on a vegan taco recipe with ridiculous awesome vegan sour cream and cheese… I will work on it this week! May be I can convince you to get back in a relationship with veganism!😉

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