Is Being A Vegan Expensive?

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I am going vegan.

“It’s going to be so EXPENSIVE!”.

Yes, some items are more expensive than others, but that is also true of food products non-vegans use. Below, I’m going to show you how switching to the vegan lifestyle will not break the bank. Here are some price quotes from Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon and Costco on non-vegan staples:

  • Bertolli Oil Extra Virgin Rich & Fruity Olive Oil, 51 oz $14.74
  • Milk Gallon, Whole $3.00
  • Sugar Great Value Pure Cane, 4 Lb $3.02
  • Brown Sugar Great Value Lite , 32 Oz $1.74
  • Butter – First Quality Bar – Salted (7 ounce) $4.98
  • Mayo Great Value Real, 30 fl oz $2.98
  • Eggs Great Value Large Grade A, 12 ct $1.08
  • Cheese Great Value Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 16 oz $3.98
  • Tenderloin Steaks (Filet Mignon) $18.99/pound (2lbs $37.98)
  • Ground Beef Chuck Tray 4.5lb 80/20 $14.33
  • Chicken Breasts Tyson® Boneless, Skinless with Rib Meat $3.13/pound (2lbs $6.26)
  • Bacon, Hormel Black Label Original, 16.0 OZ $4.48
  • Salmon Farm Raised Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet, 2.5-3 lbs $8.64
  • Tuna Sustainable Seas Canned Solid Light, 100% Pole Caught, in Water, 4.1 Oz (4 cans) $11.52

Non-Vegan Total: $118.73

I found these staples in an article called, “The Well Stocked Kitchen“.

Now here are the prices on some vegan proteins and staples again quoted from Walmart, Sam’s Club, Amazon and Costco:

  • Tahini Once Again Organic 16 oz – Vegan $8.26
  • Coconut Oil Spectrum Naturals Organic, 14 oz $6.64
  • Maple Syrup Organic/non-processed Galone Bottle $10.99
  • Agave Nectar Madhava Naturally Sweet Organic Blue Low-Glycemic Sweetener, Amber Raw, 46 Ounce $9.98
  • Ground Flax Seed Spectrum Ground, 24 Ounce $7.64
  • Vegetable Stock Kitchen Basic Unsalted Vegetable Stock, 32 Fl Oz $2.68 
  • Rice Great Value Jasmine, 5 lb $4.44
  • Black Beans Great Value 15.25 oz $0.72
  • Organic Garbanzo Beans Great Value No Salt Added, 15 Oz $0.92.
  • Quinoa Great Value Organic White, 16 Oz. $3.92
  • Tempeh Soy-Free Tempeh Starter Culture $5
  • Tofu Nasoya® Organic Extra Firm Tofu 14 oz. Tray $2.98
  • Nuts: pinenuts, almonds, cashews: Fisher Chef’s Naturals Pine Nuts, 2 oz $3.48; Great Value Whole Natural Almonds, 14 oz $5.98; Great Value Deluxe Cashews, 16 oz $7.98
  • Fruits & Vegetables $20

I found these foods in an article titled, 15 essentials for a vegetarian or Vegan Pantry.

Vegan Total: $101.61

So, as you can see, the staples of each lifestyle are very close in cost. I mean, I know that people are not going to eat Filet Mignon every night. Just like I’m probably not going to spend $20 on organic fruits and veggies all the time.

The thing that I really enjoy about the vegan lifestyle is how mindful it is. You really must think about what you put in your body and how it impacts the environment. I am excited to see how I feel 6 months down the road and if I can keep up with it.

Oh ya, I can drink coffee. It should be shade grown, organic and rainforest alliance/bird-friendly beans. Whew . . . this is gonna take some getting used to.


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