5 Things to Like This Week

pablo (8)

1. Stinging Nettle Tea. My good friend sent me a huge bag of this. Apparently it’s good for the blood, for the urinary tract, treating eczema, and hay fever. I’m including a LINK to a great website with more information. It’s better if you add it to peppermint tea or another herbal tea. It’s something new to try.

2. That 70’s Show. So Netflix is awesome when it comes to sitcoms. I never really got into That 70’s Show and I am glad that I get to now. This show cracks me up! It’s nice to have a good sitcom that is new-to-you to enjoy. There are eight seasons of this show to watch, so it may be awhile before I move onto a new one.

3. Dove Dark Chocolate Bar. I love this chocolate bar because you can break off the little squares. Hershey bars are okay, but the squares they offer are huge. I like to put the Dove bar in the freezer and break the squares off and savor them in the bathtub!

4. Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I am so bad about diet drinks. I do drink the diet version of this ginger ale and I love it. I love root beer because it is caffeine free and that is the same reason why I love the ginger ale. I save my caffeinated beverages for before 2pm because I am 80 years-old.

5. Going Make-up Free. I’ve been wearing much less make-up as usual. I don’t know if it Summer or something, but I can go the whole weekend without putting on any. It feels good. During the week, I rarely wear anything more than mascara. I never wear foundation anymore. I don’t know, it just feels freeing. I’ve even ran errands without any make-up on. I know this sounds silly, but it’s just something I’ve been doing lately.


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