5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (2)

1. Delta Rae. I am really digging this band. They just came out with a new album called, “A Long And Happy Life” and the title track is so beautiful. They’ve got that soul, southern thing going on. I would highly recommend this new band. Ah. Yeah.

2. Spearmint Mentos. The freshmaker! Anyway, I drink a lot of coffee. Mints are key. These mints are fantastic and you can chew them. I like these.

3. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea, Coconut Chai. O-M-G this is my favorite tea ever. I remember drinking this tea a long time ago in a sampler pack. I knew how much I loved it, and then some marketing genius put a Zhena’s Gypsy Tea newsletter in my e-mail inbox, and I was, like, where can I get that awesomeness again? It’s really good as iced tea too. I got mine on Amazon, but you can get it on their website too. Wherever you get it, drink it up!

4. Catnip is actually a member of the mint family. If you plant it in your garden, be careful, it is very invasive and spreads quickly. I recommend planting it in pots. It is a perennial herb, so it comes back year after year. I have a bunch growing all over the yard. I harvest it and let it dry on a screen in the basement. My cats love it and it is the perfect addition to peppermint herbal tea.

5. Meditating outside. It really is easier for me to meditate outside. I can ground and relax better. Now that the weather is nice, I can meditate outside in the sun. I do it during my lunch break in the grass on campus. My favorite place to meditate is in the park right next to the creek. I put a blanket and a cushion in my back seat and I’m ready to go.


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