10 Ways To Add Vintage Boho Decor To Your Home

Love the boho pins over on Pinterest? Do you think you need tons of money to get that same look in your own home? I’m telling you, you don’t have to be rich. You just need a savvy eye and some patience. Here’s what to do: hunt the aisles of thrift stores, scour garage sales, and maybe try an estate sale or two.

Plus, there’s that online gem, ETSY.

Below are some ideas on how to add unique, vintage boho decor to your home.

1. Find brass, gold, silver, gilded anything. I love this stuff. I’ve found platters, vases, and small plates for cone incense. They may need a good scrub, but after that they are so versatile.


2. Two words: Macrame and Fringe. These two items scream boho and they are key for your decor. Find fringe on scarves on boots and on purses. Snuggle up in a fringe lined retro blanket. You can find inexpensive macrame items online, thrift stores or you can make your own. From wall hangings to vintage plant holders, this twine art is IIIIIN.

pablo (1)

3. Bring nature inside. Houseplants (to hang in the macrame), twigs, branches, rocks, you name it. Go for a hike or a nature walk. Collect some crystals. Maybe try a bonsai tree or succulent. Hang jewelry from a birch branch! Feathers have both a spiritual and a practical decorating purpose. A small tabletop fountain will also keep the good energy flowing.

pablo (2)

4. Tapestries, old-school crocheted afghans, handmade quilts, and deep colored pillows all add a rich texture to your home. Large cushions or pillows placed on the floor call out for a cup of chai tea and a novel. If it makes you want to swaddle yourself, meditate on it, take a nap in it, or melt into it, you’re on the right track.

pablo (3)

5. Never underestimate the ambient power of a good set of twinkle lights. Stay away from the green wire Christmas lights. Go with the white or the new LED types. Amazon is teeming with them, but I’ve even found cute twinkle lights at the dollar store.

pablo (5)

6. Find items from around the world. Colored glass, a globe, that postcard your friend sent you from Greece, or a collection of coins in a small dish. If it’s worldly and reminds you of your travels, past, present and future, put it on display.

pablo (6)

7. Put a bird on it. One bird word: OWLS. Owls are really in right now. It’s always fun to find vintage owl stuff too. Owl candles, owl cups, owl pictures–you would be wise to find some owl stuff for your abode. Other birds are good too, but owls are king.

pablo (7)

8. Keep it unfinished and distressed–or make it look that way. Nothing says “boho character” like a scuffed trunk turned coffee table or a few mismatched chairs. If you want to paint end tables, cabinets, or walls choose bold colors like turquoise, wine, and tangerine.

pablo (8)

9. Find unique, funky, and durable vintage mugs and dishes. This is so easy to do at the thrift store on the cheap! The more mismatched your collection, the better. Look for things like milk glass, kings fire, and vintage Corning Ware from the 70’s. You can sometimes get these items for 25 cents at garage sales!

pablo (10)

10. Most importantly, make your space all about Y-O-U. This is the place you come for comfy pillows and hot cocoa in a mug that says “Surf Hawaii”. Curl up with a book or an animal friend on that overstuffed cushion. Greet the day gazing up at the tapestry above your bed! This is your space, boho it UP!

pablo (9)

It does take patience and a keen eye to find some of these treasures, but in the end you get a boho cozy, up-cycled and unique pad.


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