I Am Abundant

pablo (5)

Abundance is my affirmation lately. Money’s been tight. The anxiety I feel over bills can get really bad. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of a panic attack. I’m not going into detail about bills, but as adults, we’ve all got ’em. Dealing with the anxiety of money issues is no joke.

First of all, I tell myself that I will get through whatever comes my way. This helps because I get all, “If this happens what will I do?!!”, or my favorite, “If this happens it will screw everything up!” I have to stop and tell myself, “You will do what you have to and you’ll figure it out.” It’s hard to believe myself when I’m telling myself this stuff, but it’s this extra step, the believing, that’s the true anxiety killer.

Rather than brooding, I write about it. No venting or complaining on the pages; instead, I write affirmations. For example, I write the affirmation “I am abundant” over and over. Meditating and using an Excel spreadsheet also help, but believing my own self-talk and affirmations really are my jam when it comes to calming anxiety.

Believe yourself, talk to yourself, and write to yourself–all good things when dealing with anxiety.


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