How to Raise Your Spirits

Raising your vibration is just another way of lifting your mood. It not only benefits you, but those around you too. Here are some simple tips on how to do it. I bet you already do a few on this list.

1. Laugh your a*s off. To online memes. To a movie. With your friend or significant other.

2. Crystals. Touch them. Sit with them. Take a bath or meditate with them. Look at them. Oooooo. Awwwww.

3. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. Om.

4. Dance your a*s off. In your kitchen. In your bedroom. In the grass outside your apartment.

5. Take a salt bath. Use lots of Epsom salt. Let go. Cleanse. Float.

6. Hug a tree. Who cares if someone sees you! Think of how long it’s been since that tree had a good hug. Hug hard.

7. Turn your gadgets off. For real. Off.

8. Pay attention to the information you focus on. Be mindful what you are listening to, reading and watching. Is it all news and politics? Maybe take a break from this type of info. Information should lift you up instead of drag you down or make you angry. Limit. Not avoid altogether.

9. Eat healthy, vegetables and drink water. Avoid alcohol (this is one of the lowest vibe substances you can ingest). Root veggies like carrots and radishes are grounding. Lean meat. Avoid processed food.

10. Create. Art. Writing. A recipe.

11. Go to a waterfall, ocean, or any body of water. Catch those negative ions where the flow best.

12. Listen to music. Outside. In your car. At an outdoor live show–not in bar. In your house. On a walk.

13. Declutter and organize. Your fridge. Your house. Your car. Your nail polish collection.

14. Spend time or call a high vibe friend. The ones who lift you up and don’t drag you down.

15. Keep your heart open. Use rose quartz. Heart chakra meditation. Reiki. Be in love with a person, with a book, with an idea. Be it.


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