5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (24)

1.  Apples. I try to eat an apple everyday. I especially like the pink lady apples.

2 . Fresh Eggs. I bought some fresh eggs this week and I made all kinds of meals with them! I made a mushroom, onion and broccoli quiche, omelets, and muffins. They taste so good and were worth the extra buck or two.

3. Lilacs. There is a large lilac bush in front of my house and it smells so good right now. It is very pretty too. I cut some flowers and made a big bouquet for my kitchen.

4. My George Foreman Grill. I love this thing! I’ve had this grill for over a decade and it still works great. I cook chicken breasts, burgers, and even some veggies on it. It literally takes under 4 minutes to cook a chicken breast. It’s kinda a bit*h to clean. It’s easiest if you clean it while it is still hot. I just use a damp cloth (being careful for the steam) with soap and it just wipes clean.

5. 6 Ingredient Blender Muffins. Peanut butter, eggs, ripe bananas, baking soda, honey and vanilla. That’s it (well, I add flaxseeds). These muffins pack protein, sweetness and the benefits of flax seed. Each muffin has over 10g of protein. Plus, they are very easy and quick to bake. You can even freeze them for up to up to 3 months.


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