5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (22)

1. Daffodils. We have a ton on the campus where I work and sometimes I borrow a few of them for my desk. Our colors are green and yellow, so they are the perfect flower for the campus grounds.

2. “Shameless” on Netflix. If you haven’t seen this show, you need to. It’s all about karma, really. Karma as it goes down in a tough South Chicago neighborhood. Also, Lip is mine. Alllll mine.

3. Greek Salad. Salad greens + chopped red onion + crumbled feta + artichoke hearts + Greek dressing = heaven. I leave out the kalamata olives because they are fattening and expensive. I get the same taste with the artichoke hearts.

4.  Wildflowers. I plant wildflowers in my two flowerbeds every year. I love to sprinkle them in and then let them go crazy. I love not knowing what is going to grow were. I also like cutting them for bouquets around the house.

5. Thrift Stores. It’s like recycling for clothes and silly housewares. I also like how it is like a treasure hunt.


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