5 Things To Like This Week

pablo (17)

1.  Eyelid London’s Fat Liquid Eyeliner Black: This stuff is awesome! If you start at the center of your eyelid, liquid eyeliner is a breeze.

2.  Divesting from Bank of America: So this was totally easy! I am in the process right now of getting out of Bank of America and into a local credit union. The local credit union was really easy to do. I thought it would be hard and that I wouldn’t qualify, but I did! It really is true that all you gotta do is, “What you can where you are.”

3. Rock My Run App. This thing is pretty rad! It’s free playlists that are uptempo for working out. I’ve only used it twice, but so far it’s really rocking my “walk”. I’m not up to running . . .yet.

4. Vanilla Chai With Rice Milk and Honey. (You could totally use cow’s milk.) Anyway, this is sweet and spicy and comfort deliciousness. I like to drink it when the snow is coming down or the sleet–that’s what we had this week.

5. Love (2nd Season) on Netflix by Judd Apatow. I love this show because it captures the real and awkward moments of love.


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