5 Things To Like This Week


1. Taking A Break From My Personal Facebook. So, I’m not angry or fed up. I’m tired. And when I get tired, I need to stop and look at my lifestyle. What is eating up my energy? This time it was Facebook–my newsfeed to be specific. I liked my newsfeed. There was hardly any drama or anything. I also loved sharing cat posts and funny stuff.  Scrolling through my newsfeed became a compulsion. I’m not reading or painting or creating anymore. I need a break, maybe forever, maybe not.  Also, I noticed my mindset and behavior was changing due to this compulsion. Uh. Nope. No more. I still have my blog/store Facebook page with a blank admin–meaning no newsfeed. I can share and stay connected that way with no newsfeed!

2. Doterra Lime Essential Oil. I put this stuff in my water with a tiny bit of grape powdered drink mix because I hate drinking water. It is so good. Like non-cult-adult koolaide. The lime essential oil is food grade. This is important. Don’t just put any essential oil in your drink/food. Here’s a link to Doterra’s Lime Oil Uses and Benefits.

3. YETI Stainless Steel Mug. My sister gave me this for my birthday. I am starting to realize that my sister is a really good gift-giver. Anyway, this mug is the BOMB at keeping cold drinks cold. You seriously can fill it up with ice and it will not melt for like 8 hours. What? If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

4. Great Value Light Greek Yogurt Toasted Coconut Vanilla. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all afford to shop at whole foods or buy all organic or recycle everything. Yes. It would. But sometimes you can’t. We just gotta do our best. This rant is because this yogurt is from Walmart and I feel like I might be judged for shopping there. Well, this yogurt is really good. It might just be my favorite. I try to remember my cloth bags when I go there, okay? Geeze.

5. Friends, not the show, my real ones. I don’t know what I would do without them. My best friend S and I are really close even though we live 7 hours away. Whenever I feel lonely because it is hard to make new friends, especially when you live in a town the size of a thimble, I am so grateful she is just a phone call away. Sometimes I feel like no one here understands me and then I remember S, who lived with me for over 5 years, and how she is always there for me no matter what. I get kinda floaty and up in the air and S, even for a fire sign, can really bring me back down to earth. I just heart her so much! Good friends are so important!


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