5 Things To Like This Week


1.  “No Tomorrow” on Netflix. This series is about a girl who meets a guy who thinks the world is ending so they both start living their lives for the moment-not recklessly, but meaningfully. The dude, Xavier, might be my soul mate. He’s beautiful and he believes wacky theories and he wears man jewelry. LOL Too much? Naw. I loved this show!

2. Bisquick Quiche. This recipe is quick, easy and customizable. I used mushrooms, broccoli, onions, garlic (Lots of garlic. I love garlic.), and sharp cheddar. I love the bisquick recipe because you don’t have to fuss with a crust. Now I have yummy protein packed meals for the week!

3. “The Long Walk” poetry by Jan Zwicky. The library where I work just added this little book to our collection. I love poetry and Canadian poet Zwicky writes beautifully about nature and love. From “Yes”, “But if he came to you once more / my sisters–dead. / or old, or married to another– / what would startle in your eyes? / Would it be joy, / or sorrow? / Hold the ghost inside you / to the light my sisters, / say to him, This is my life / and what my life /  became. Yes, what my life becomes still, / thanks to you.” You can get this book of poetry at your library or on Amazon.

4. BombDeFleur on Etsy. I received a pair of beautiful purple earrings from this Etsy shop for Christmas. Phyllis is a family friend and she does beautiful work. The earrings are made of real purple statice flowers. Check out the listing HERE.

5. Seed Bead Necklaces. Holy moly! People are buying the crap out of my seed bead necklaces on Etsy! Which is awesome because while I string them, I get to watch funny shows like “No Tomorrow”! Would you like one? You can buy your own hand-made necklace HERE.


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