5 Things To Like This Week


1. Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Yogi Tea. This tea is fantastic. The mixture of black and green mate leaf make for a nice mid afternoon boost. I just looked at the bag and it actually has 80mg caffeine. A cup of coffee has 90mg. So you might want to save this one for the am or early afternoon if you are sensitive to caffeine.

2. “Sneaky Pete” on Amazon Prime. I had to binge watch this show. It was that addicting. It’s all about a very charismatic con man, Pete, the family he cons, and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as the gangster he’s running from. I love great original series like these because they feel like a long movie. Grab a warm blanket and snuggle into that couch ’cause you’re in for a long one with this show.

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Hi. I’ve got medical debt to pay off, so I’m living on a tight budget right now. You know what is inexpensive and delicious? Grilled cheese sandwiches. Sharp cheddar, Earth Balance non-butter, and bread make for yummy, crispy goodness. I was very surprised by how the vegan Earth Balance really does brown up and crisp like regular butter. I have yet to find a good vegan cheese. They all taste weird to me. I just can’t do it. I did find some rad big slice sharp cheddar that are perfect tho. I eat what I like and I just limit the animal products.

4. Yung Pueblo. Seriously check this guy out. I love his Instagram and he has a Facebook page too. Incredibly inspirational, short and to the point which is perfect for this fast-paced, fleeting world we live in. “ego is self doubt, self hatred, anxiety, fear of others, harshness, impatience, a lack of compassion, and illusions” @yungpueblo

5. Being Proactive Instead of Reactive. Social media has become one big freak-out fest lately. It’s important to be proactive and not just reactive to everything that is going down right now. Being proactive will make you feel better too, I promise. On that note, social media is the perfect platform for getting a message out that isn’t being covered by mainstream media. We saw that with Standing Rock. However, when it comes to American politics, it is far more effective to go to the source. Guys, gals, Trump was voted into office whether you like it or not. It’s done. However, it’s your RIGHT AS AMERICAN CITIZENS to hold the government accountable; that’s how we rock this democracy. (See #ACLU). To do this, we must use our POWERFUL voices (off social media): call, e-mail, sign petitions, and mail actual letters to your representatives on a consistent basis. They’re not checking your Facebook and Instagram posts, trust me. Get in their face. Get in their offices. Get in their voicemail. Make some fucking noise, ‘Merica.


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