5 Things To Like This Week


1. Eight O’Clock Chocolate Mint Coffee. I am really into flavored coffee. I like a good vanilla, hazelnut, or cinnamon, but I LOVE this chocolate mint coffee. It just makes my morning. I wish they sold more decaf flavors because I like to make a cup after dinner (because I am 65). Anyway, this is a great, ground coffee for around $6.

2. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Mint Tea. Are you sensing a pattern here? I like chocolate mint stuff. I received this as a gift from a good friend this Christmas. I am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s teas. They are very fragrant and flavorful. Plus, mint anything is pretty fantastic.

3. Alarm Clock. I cannot charge my phone next to my bed anymore and I’m done using the excuse that it is my alarm clock. From Etsy sales to Tarot reading stuff, notifications are constantly buzzing. I gotta unplug. Having my phone next to my face at night is terrible. So, I bought the cutest alarm clock from Amazon. It’s a kid’s alarm clock with nature sounds!  What?! Kinda cool, right?

4. The Magicians TV Series on Netflix. I love this show, but it’s kinda out there if you aren’t into metaphysical stuff and magic. It’s kinda like Star Wars to astronomy. It’s fun tho.

5. Ghost Team Movie on Netflix. I watched a lot of movies during the Christmas weekend because I was snowed in during a South Dakota blizzard. This one was great and it cracked me up. It’s silly and I like silly.


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