The Best Gift


I’ve been through so many break-ups. I’ve been cheated on. I’ve been the unfaithful one. We’ve grown apart. We moved away from each other. Someone was addicted or they just weren’t the right fit. Sometimes I obsessed about what I’d done wrong, or maybe if we just tried one more time things could’ve worked out. Other times, I was just relieved that it was over. Looking back, all those feelings were pretty normal. Maybe it just wasn’t the right blend of personality quirks for the other person to handle (and vice versa) and that’s okay.

However, with one man I really opened my heart and felt love. This wasn’t infatuation, a crush, or endorphins. This was something else that I can’t completely describe. Although that love wasn’t meant to be, feeling it revealed something huge in another relationship. I realized how someone can be right next to you, spend tons of time with you, and act like your best friend. They can go through the acts of love, yet you still don’t feel love from them. I think it’s really easy to settle for what is right in front of us even if we aren’t feeling love.

Love really is a gift we give each other. That first love was the best gift because it helped open my heart. With my open heart came the clarity of not only how love feels, but more importantly, how it does not feel.

I’m not settling for anything less than that strong, beating, warm feeling of love ever again.

And neither should you.

Open your heart and love hard.

You feel me?


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